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BIS Consulting is a company of professionals specialized in bridging the gap between business and technology. The BIS approach is based on four pilars, which ensures the customer in finding the right solution for his business problam in a very efficient way based on our very wide experience and competences.

Mohamed Achahbar


Designing architectures for solving complex business problams. That's the goal of Business Solutions Development. This starts by capturing the business needs of the customer in his language and construct a stable architectural model, which is as flexible as possible for the future.

Nowadays, we can't think the internet out of our lives and certainly not out our business! Information has to be communicated quicker, easier and cheaper to the outside or inside world. With the Internet development service we can bring your business to the Internet.

Software is a tool which helps in executing the daily business process. Software needs to be adjusted to the needs of each customer. Therefore in each project we need to consider which software will best cover the business needs. This can be tailor made software or standard packages.